Melrose for RCV

Let's improve our democracy.

Let's bring ranked choice voting to Melrose, MA.

8,263 Melrosians voted for RCV to be used statewide in 2020.

Current Goal: Let's find 100 Melrosians who support RCV at the municipal level for local elections! (Numbers updated weekly.)

Why use ranked choice voting for Melrose municipal elections?

  1. Encourage Participation

  • Encourages more candidates to run.

  • More engagement from community in elections.

  1. Increase Representation

  • More representative of the will of voters.

  • Better overall electoral outcomes for women, people of color.

  1. Save Money, Save Time

  • Saves tens of thousands of $ / mayoral runoff.

  • Save months of campaigning / mayoral runoff.

Read more about the benefits of ranked choice voting.

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What Folks are saying about Ranked Choice Voting Locally...

"ICYMI: The Melrose Democratic City Committee voted to endorse @VoterChoiceMA Ranked Choice Voting!"

Melrose Democratic City Committee

"We need to do everything we can to expand voting enfranchisement and expand access to voting rights and democracy... Ranked choice voting is an important strategy to move us in that direction."

State Senator Jason Lewis

  • 68.3% of Melrose High School student participants (211 votes)...

  • 55.5% of MVMMS student participants (392 votes)...

Voted in favor of Ranked Choice Voting on State Ballot Question 2 in their 2020 mock election.